Foundation on 2018, kaliyaganjbazar.com is a simple digitized web market place for both Customers and Sailors. This is inter related with multiple local business partners website where specialized products are displaying from India wide rural and urban areas.Now customers are comfortable with online purchase, they can easily memorized and visit local site to pick products from local or remote partners site. Local traditional business houses losing their customers by multinational online E-Commerce sites. Our goal is to provide a complete E-Commerce platform to local traditional business houses who believe on change adaptation for surviving.We are simplifying the digitized online market place as a club of customers and business partners. Welcoming you to participate and utilized this E-commerce market place with your own business name and identity. Business owners who already using other multinational E-commerce platforms to sales your products. you can save at-least 15% cost with us and Customers can purchase same products in low cost from you with our partnership.

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